Daily Gospel Reading for June 10, 2023 – Saturday in the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time Bible Verse

The 10th of June, 2023 is Saturday in the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time. The Bible scriptures for the holy mass readings for this day came from the 2023 Liturgical Calendar.

Reading 1: TB 12:1, 5-15, 20

The first reading from the Book of Tobit.

And Tobit called his son Tobias, and said to him, “See, my child, that the man which went with you have his wages, and you must give him more.”

And he called the angel, and said to him, “Take half of all that you all have brought.”

Then he called them both privately, and said to them, “Bless God, and give him thanks, and magnify him, and give him thanks in the sight of all that live, for the things which he has done with you. It is good to bless God and exalt his name, showing forth with honor the works of God. Don’t be slack to give him thanks.

It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to reveal gloriously the works of God. Do good, and evil won’t find you.

Good is prayer with fasting, alms, and righteousness. A little with righteousness is better than much with unrighteousness. It is better to give alms than to lay up gold.

Alms delivers from death, and it purges away all sin. Those who give alms and do righteousness will be filled with life; but those who sin are enemies to their own life.

Surely I will keep nothing closed from you. I have said, ‘It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to reveal gloriously the works of God.’

And now, when you prayed, and Sarah your daughter-in-law, I brought the memorial of your prayer before the Holy One. When you buried the dead, I was with you likewise.

And when you didn’t delay to rise up, and leave your dinner, that you might go and cover the dead, your good deed was not hidden from me. I was with you.

And now God sent me to heal you and Sarah your daughter-in-law.

I am Raphael, one of the seven holy angels which present the prayers of the saints and go in before the glory of the Holy One.”

“Now give God thanks, because I ascend to him who sent me. Write in a book all the things which have been done.”

Responsorial Psalm: TB 13:2, 6EFGH, 7, 8

Response: “Blessed is God who lives forever!”

For he scourges, and shows mercy. He leads down to the grave, and brings up again. There is no one who will escape his hand.

R: “Blessed is God who lives forever!”

See what he will do with you. Give him thanks with your whole mouth. Bless the Lord of righteousness. Exalt the everlasting King.

R: “Blessed is God who lives forever!”

I exalt my God. My soul exalts the King of heaven, and rejoices in his greatness.

R: “Blessed is God who lives forever!”

Let all men speak, and let them give him thanks in Jerusalem.

R: “Blessed is God who lives forever!”

Gospel of the Day: MK 12:38-44

From the gospel verse according to Mark.

In his teaching he said to them, “Beware of the scribes, who like to walk in long robes, and to get greetings in the marketplaces, and to get the best seats in the synagogues and the best places at feasts, those who devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayers. These will receive greater condemnation.”

Jesus sat down opposite the treasury and saw how the multitude cast money into the treasury. Many who were rich cast in much.

A poor widow came and she cast in two small brass coins, which equal a quadrans coin.

He called his disciples to himself and said to them, “Most certainly I tell you, this poor widow gave more than all those who are giving into the treasury, for they all gave out of their abundance, but she, out of her poverty, gave all that she had to live on.”

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